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The church Notre-Dame-de-Royan

Where that you are in Royan, the silhouette of the church Notre-Dame-de-Royan is visible, that one arrives by the road the Saintes ones or that one moves away from the coast by the Ferry of the Low register Point. At sea as on ground, you will admire his slim point.


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The church Notre-Dame-de-Royan was built between 1955 and 1958, in the same district as the church destroyed by the bombardments.

With its imposing dimensions and its astonishing architecture, it is described as cathedral.


"Built in three years, following the allied bombardment of the town of Royan on January 5, 1945, the church Notre-Dame-de-Royan, had Architect Guillaume Gillet and to Engineer Bernard Lafaille, is a major building of the contemporary religious architecture, so much by his dimensions (45 meters length on 22 meters of width, 36 meters height with a bell-tower culminating with nearly 60 meters) that by the audacity of its design (pillars out of V, shell roof - 8 cm - of concrete in" saddle of horse") and the generalized use of the rough concrete.

Being able to receive 2 000 people in her nave in ellipse, which gives him the pace of a vessel, equipped with canopies in gemmail, a modern statuary and organ of 3 500 pipes, this immense building provides a translation of our time to the research of spirituality in a pertaining to worship building ".
Extract of Text of the Square of the church


The church Notre-Dame-de-Royan is inaugurated and blessed on July 10, 1958.

Architecture holds account of the slope of the ground. The principal entry is located partly high.

Top of the staircase which goes down in the nave, one measures all the width of the building.

The stained glass behind the furnace bridge appears in all its beauty and the light which penetrates by the side stained glasses gives a soft clearness.

The sacred art and structures of the Fifties

The church Notre-Dame-de-Royan is representative of the architecture of the years 1950 in Royan.

Large Organ

The organ, assembled in 1964, is considered by the organists and the music lovers an exceptional instrument. They is the first "large sixteen feet" out of hammered tin built since the 182nd century.

With the entry of the church, a panel indicates:"L' to us organ of this church, splendid realization of the Master organier Robert Boisseau of Poitiers, is large Sixteen Feet, equipped with 47 plays".

Concerts are regularly proposed throughout the season.

In July, the participation of the organ in the concert of the "Violon sur le sable", thanks to a technological prowess, contributes to its reputation near a large audience.

The church Notre-Dame-de-Royan Historic building

The church Notre-Dame-de-Royan was classified Historic building in 1988.

The use of the concrete allowed a fast construction and a great architectural audacity but the evolution of this material required a restoration of the building in 2002.

The Council: enter the church Notre-Dame-de-Royan, it is an emotion with living. During the summer, the voluntary ones of the parish are present to exchange with the visitors and to answer all the questions.



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